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17 Nov


What Businesses are Using Phone Charging Kiosks?

November 17, 2015 | By |

Most people today understand how frustrating it is when your phone hits 20%.

You’re immediately scurrying around for a phone charger and if you don’t have one then you’re spending the rest of the day nursing your phone’s battery. It’s an issue because it’s our main form of communication and phones are increasingly playing a greater role in our everyday lives.

How Can Businesses Solve This Need For Their Customers?

The solution that businesses can use is providing customers with a phone charging kiosk or phone charging station. Veloxity phone charging kiosks offer many benefits that are simply not offered by other companies, such as remote access, usage analytics, and a secure place to charge a phone.

For people attending a conference, guests can plug their phone into a secure locker and don’t have to worry about making sure no one steals their phone.

Reasons to Get a Charging Station:

What Businesses are Using Phone Charging Kiosks?

1) Events – Concerts, Conferences, Trade Shows, Conventions

Businesses have used phone charging kiosks at events as a way to increase brand awareness by sponsoring an event with a custom branded phone charging kiosk.

In terms of planning an event, you want your guests to be attentive and enjoying the event that you spent so much time organizing. Having to worry about charging your phone is a potential distraction that your guests don’t want to worry about. So make their life a little bit easier.

2) Universities and Colleges

Having cell phone charging kiosks throughout college campuses saves students from having to sprint back to their dorm room for a charger before class. Two universities that have worked with Veloxity, Boston University and Bentley University, have seen the advantages of these stations. It’s particularly beneficial for larger campuses where the commute to the library or athletic facility is much longer.

3) Restaurants and Bars

Phone charging kiosks can even be an attraction for a business like a local restaurant. If you need to go charge your phone on your lunch break, where are you more likely to go? A restaurant where you can charge your phone or a place where you can’t? Because people want to have their phone charged, it really isn’t a hard decision.

For bars and night clubs, Veloxity phone charging stations can be used to prevent intoxicated people from driving home. The secure lockers can be used to store someone’s keys and phone if you think they would be a risk on the road.

4.) Veloxity has worked with The Ritz-Carlton and Foxwoods Resort & Casino, to offer guests a free place to charge their phones. They both expressed how they wanted guests to easily be able to charge their phones, so that front desk employees weren’t always being asked to. In the hospitality industry, it’s much more convenient if guests can handle it on their own, and it makes the jobs of employees much easier.

5) Airports

If you have some time before your flight takes off or if you have a layover, you’re probably looking to do one of two things. Either you’re heading straight to the closest bar or you’re looking for a place to charge your phone.

We’ve noticed that a lot of travelers get frustrated really quickly when there’s no place to charge their phone. It’s almost expected today, so airports that don’t provide charging capabilities are hurting future business. Having a secure place to charge your phone at an airport is really important. Airports have outlets but you have to stay with your phone unless you want to risk it getting it stolen. Using a velocity chagring station your phone will be secure and charged.

6) Malls, Retailers & Grocery Stores

Plug your phone in, go shopping, and grab your phone on the way out. It doesn’t get much easier.

Whether you’re at Home Depot, looking for clothes at Macy’s, or you’re getting food at WalMart, it’d be a lot more convenient if you were able to drop off your phone and come back to a fully charged phone. Better yet, if you’re a parent bringing your kids along, it’s a good way to keep them sidetracked for a little bit.

7) Sports Arenas

If you’re attending a game, at some point you’ll want to take a picture. But you can’t take a picture if your phone is already dead. Since no one is going to bring a phone charger into a game, the only solution for sports franchises and stadiums is to offer phone charging kiosks throughout their stadiums so that fans can charge their phones.

This summer, Veloxity worked with Verizon and the Georgia Dome to provide fans with a place where they can charge their phones.

Find Out More

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