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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs regarding our cell phone charging stations

What is the cost of a Veloxity cell phone charging kiosk?

Veloxity offers several pricing options for the LockerPower, our plug and play cell phone charging kiosks:

  1. You can rent a LockerPower for any function, event, or venue. The actual cost is determined by the duration of the rental agreement but will typically range from $750 to $900 for short term events. Contact us to receive more information.
  2. You can purchase a charging kiosk anytime, which starts at $4,600contact us and together we’ll match your needs and budget.

What is the cost of a Veloxity portable charging station?

Veloxity offers several pricing options for the Power Pax, a portable charging station that features individual power packs:

  1. You can rent a Power Pax for any conference, trade show, festival, wedding, or event. Pricing starts at $250 for up to a 2 day event. The actual cost is determined by the duration of the rental period and optional branding costs – contact us to receive more information.
  2. Purchase price for the Power Pax can range from $600-$800 depending on order quantity and your custom branding needs – contact us and together we’ll match your needs and budget.

How many phones can charge at once?

The LockerPower can charge up to 8 devices at once inside lockers with individual chargers. The kiosks accommodate charging for 98% of the current smartphone market including all Apple iPhones, Android, Sony, Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia and Blackberry phones. The Power Pax is designed to charge up to 8 devices and the portable chargers have built-in micro-USB and Apple lightning cables.

How fast do Veloxity products charge devices?

Veloxity’s phone charging stations are designed to rapid charge devices as fast as they are programmed to accept the charging (amps range from 1.5v to 2.1v). For newer devices, that translates to an average of about 2% battery life gained for every 1 minute the device is charging.

How many phone charging stations do I need for my event or venue?

According to usage data, Veloxity recommends (1) LockerPower or (1) Power Pax per 200 to 400 people at the respective venue or event.

What is on the display screen of the LockerPower?

The 19-inch touch screen can be fully customized for your needs. It can play videos, images, slideshows, and you can change the display media anytime by remote access or manually inserting a flash drive to the inside of the charging kiosk.

What can be branded on the Power Pax?

The entire charging bay and individual battery packs can be custom branded.

What are the installation logistics?

For the LockerPower phone chrging kiosk, you simply plug the unit into a standard 110v power outlet.

The Power Pax is lightweight, requires no installation, and also plugs into a standard 110v power outlet.

What are the dimensions/size of the Veloxity charging stations?

The LockerPower, 8 locker charging kiosk (stand-alone) is 17.5 inches in width x 64 inches in height x 12 inches in depth.

The Power Pax, the 8 power pack portable charging station (table-top), is 11 inches in width x 9 inches in height x 4 inches in depth.

Are the phone charging stations covered under warranty?

The LockerPower comes with a (16) month hardware warranty and lifetime software warranty. If you lease the LockerPower, it comes with a lifetime hardware warranty. The Power Pax charging bay comes with a (12) month warranty. Hardware warranties on all products do not cover charging cables or power packs.

Do you offer technical support?

We sure do! In fact, we offer 24/7 support over the phone and by email at no additional cost to ensure that you and your customers are always happy. Contact or call 855-844-5060 ext. 2.

Do you offer reseller opportunities?

We are eager to hear from savvy sales partners who wish to sell our cell phone charging stations. Contact us to learn more about a reseller and independent sales representative opportunities.

Who benefits from Veloxity cell phone charging stations?

Our universal cell phone charging stations are ideal for any business, venue or event that wants to help supercharge guests or customers and increase their bottom line.

  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Universities & Colleges
  • Nightclubs & Lounges
  • Casinos
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Shopping Centers
  • Gyms & Fitness Centers
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Airports
  • Train Stations
  • Sports Arenas
  • Amusement Parks
  • Car Dealerships
  • Trade Shows
  • Music Festivals
  • Weddings
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Events

Do you access data from the devices?

We know that some people are sensitive towards keeping their data safe which is why we ensure data feeds are bypassed during charging.

How does renting a charging station work?

If you want to rent a charging station for your event, just let us know the event name, dates, and number of attendees. Send us a quick note and we’ll get in touch to determine the best options that meet your needs.

How long does it take for charging stations to ship?

On average, it will take 4-6 business days for your charging station to ship. For larger or custom orders, it may take up to 45 business days. If you are renting a charging station for an event, we will ship it in advance to ensure you receive it 1-2 business days before the event starts.

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