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06 Jan


Best Cell Phone Charging Stations for Events

January 6, 2020 | By |

Here are the best cell phone charging stations to rent for your events:

When it comes to hosting events, it is essential nowadays to provide attendees with cell phone charging stations. There are many different sizes, shapes, and options that you can choose from so we have narrowed it down to the top 3 best cell phone charging stations for events:

Cell Phone Charging Station with Lockers at Events

1. Phone Charging Stations with Lockers

The most popular phone charging station at events has been the LockerPower, which features individual lockers. Each locker has built-in charging cables for all devices, including iPhones and Androids. The lockers are also big enough to charge most tablets. The Charging Station with Lockers comes equipped with fast charging technology, giving devices around 2% battery life for every 1 minute of charging. This popular model also features a display screen for custom branding your event or sponsors. The screen can display any amount of videos or images you want. Further custom branding is available with full custom wraps. Typically for a 1-2 day event, the rental fee is $740.

Portable Phone Charging Station for Events

2. Portable Phone Charging Station

Another popular charging station for events is the Power Pax, a portable charging station. It features individual portable chargers that have built-in cables. They can charge almost all iPhone and Android devices with fast charging technology. Each portable charge has a capacity of 5,000mah meaning that it can charge most phones twice over. Attendees simply borrow a portable charger and use it on the go. They return the portable charger when they are finished using it. The Power Pax comes with a charging bay that houses and recharges the portable chargers when they are not actively being used by attendees. Both the charging bay and each of the portable chargers can be custom branded for your event or sponsors. Typically for a 1-2 day event, the rental fee is around $260.

Cell Phone Charging Table for Events

3. Hightop Cell Phone Charging Table

Many events already utilize high-top or cocktail tables which may as well be converted with tables that can charge phones, laptops, and more. The Veloxity phone charging table for events features 4 charging cables on each corner, which accommodates charging for all major devices. Furthermore, the phone charging table comes equipped with 2 wireless charging pads. There are also 2 AC outlets built in for charging laptops and other devices. The charging table can be custom branded all around for your event or sponsors. Typically for a 1-2 day event the rental fee is around $540.