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LockerPower Lite

Cell Phone Charging Lockers

Smart and Sleek

lockerpower lite - phone charging kiosk with 8 lockers

Weight: 130 pounds (59 kg)
Dimensions: 65 x 17.5 x 12 inches
Cables: Micro-USB, USB Type-C, Apple Lightning*
*Genuine MFi Certified

Internally powered by:
smart phone charging stations

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Secure Charging Lockers

Users will gain access to the tablet and phone charging lockers by creating their own digital locker combination right from the touchscreen. The LockerPower comes equipped with a 3M privacy screen for extra security.

Fast Charging Phone Kiosk

Each cell phone charging locker is equipped with the latest charging technology and supports charging for 98% of smartphones on the current market. Fast charging is available for compatible phones and the lockers can fit most tablets and smaller laptops.

Remote Access

The phone charging kiosk can be connected to the internet (not required for functionality) to enable remote access which makes it easy to check up on usage, open up lockers, and change the custom branding on the touchscreen.

Cell Phone Charging Kiosk

The 19 inch touchscreen can be custom branded with images or videos of your company or sponsor. This along with other customization options such as decals or full wraps allow the charging kiosks to blend into any setting and build buzz for brands.

Cell Phone Charging Kiosk

The LockerPower Lite is designed with the environment in mind. Each unit draws less than 250 watts, which is equivalent to a desktop computer. When the kiosk is not actively in use, power save technology ensures higher efficiency.


Cell Phone Charging Kiosk with Lockers

Take Charge

Veloxity offers a full suite of cell phone charging stations available for rent or purchase. Brands, organizations and events nationwide rely on Veloxity’s phone charging kiosks and portable chargers to keep patrons charged up and happy!

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