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09 Oct


Guide: Phone Charging Stations For Your Events

October 9, 2018 | By |

With most attendees carrying one or more phones, it’s a no brainer that events should incorporate phone charging stations to keep attendees charged up and happy. Whether your event or meeting has 100 or 100,000 attendees, charging stations are always a good idea and can be tailored to meet your needs and budget.

Picking Phone Charging Stations for Your Event

When it comes to picking which charging stations, there are a variety of options to choose from depending on your space and plans. Some options include portable charging stations, table top charging stations, wireless charging furniture and more. But at events, the most popular type has been phone charging stations with lockers, which allow attendees to have a safe and secure charge.  The last thing an event planner wants to hear about from an attendee is that their phone got stolen.

Charging stations with lockers catch a lot of eyes and give event planners the opportunity for custom branding their event or selling a unique and engaging sponsorship. Some charging stations like the LockerPower, incorporate custom branding on a display screen where the event or sponsors can promote with videos, images, and custom surveys. For additional branding, there is the option to fully wrap the charging stations with a custom skin. Make sure to rent a phone charging locker that is also compatible with charging tablets, as some lockers are not big enough to fit them.

Incorporating Phone Charging Stations For Attendees

Event planners can take advantage of charging stations by placing them in high foot traffic areas such as near the registration desks, conference ballrooms, or main hallways. To further delight attendees, many events have incorporated a “relax and recharge” lounge where a combination of charging stations, couches and light refreshments give attendees another reason to love your event. If a charging station is sponsored by an exhibitor, there is the option to put them in or around their booth to attract foot traffic.