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08 Aug


6 Ways to Make Event Attendees Happy

August 8, 2017 | By |

Event planners work hard to make sure that event attendees are satisfied and happy. Here are 6 ways you can ensure that you leave a lasting impression with your guests.

Attendee happiness is not something that happens by accident, it is something that takes a lot effort and planning. To plan a great event, nothing can get in the way of a positive user experience. It isn’t only big budget events that can make an attendee happy, so no matter if your event or budget is big or small, here are some ways to make sure your participants are satisfied.

  • Network

Offering plenty of networking opportunities for attendees can help them foster connections that are long lasting and beneficial and in years to come. Attendees will remember that they meet these new people at your event. Networking increases business, leads and opportunities which means that facilitating this is bound to make attendees satisfied and doing it in a low-key and natural way is even better as it doesn’t feel awkward or forced. Also, networking can be an excellent way for attendees to share knowledge and expertise with like minds which can also increase the value of your event to them and offers opportunities to discuss with influencers and experts.

  • Reward Loyalty

With all the competition and brands seeking their attention, if you have loyal attendees and followers, reward them to keep them happy. Make sure they have no reason to check out your competition. Treating them better by opting for exclusive discounts, early bird offers for past attendees only or regularly run competitions for bigger prizes.

  • Communicate

Attendees like to know what is going on so communicate with them, let them know what is happening and make sure information is easy and clear to find and understand. Also, engage on social media and give yourself a presence there so that they know you are easy to reach and listening. Communication is key. We also know that attendees don’t always read or digest information, so make it easy for them to absorb the key stuff.

  • Care

Get to know your attendees, ask them their problems and what they would like to see and then respond appropriately. Create polls or surveys as well as opportunities to talk about themselves and show that it isn’t all about your brand or business. One of the main ways to show you care is by listening to them and sometimes merely asking the right questions can set you apart from the competition in their eyes.

Obviously, free stuff makes everyone happy. That being said, as much as we wish we had the budget to give out the latest tech or gadget to every attendee, it is not always possible. But you can opt for something a little more frugal instead. For example share knowledge such as an eBook, webinar or short course. Or simply make it more interesting.

Nothing brightens an attendee’s mood more than getting free things right from the start and it tends to put you on the right foot so that your event is received well.

  • Use Tech

Technology can enhance the event experience and make attendees happy, as well as making their lives easier. Utilizing it in the right way can make a big difference. For example, use event apps to allow attendees to check in and beat the queues, offer exclusive entertainment value with things such as VR or drones.

Even if you don’t have a high budget for the latest in virtual reality, you can still provide the basics such as free WiFi or phone charging stations so that attendees can stay connected.