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08 Jun


Why Having Phone Charging Stations at Events is Essential

June 8, 2017 | By |

Many event planners look to regular or cheap phone chargers when planning an event, and while this may work for some events, it’s usually not the best option for your attendees and it often leaves them frustrated.

We’ve taken this into consideration with our charging solutions so that we can provide products that meet the needs of event attendees.

Here are just 4 things you won’t have to worry about when choosing a Veloxity charging station for your next event.

Security of your phone

One of the main reasons why charging stations are convenient is because you don’t have to be present while it’s charging. You’re able to place your phone in a secure charging locker and come back to it when you need to pick it up. Having to watch over your phone can be hassle when using an everyday phone charger.

Making sure attendees don’t trip over charging cables

Running power cables can be a challenge if you don’t have much space to work with. Using a charging station alleviates this issue of having chargers in walkways or in areas where event attendees may trip over them.

Compete with others for an outlet

If you’ve ever attended an event where your battery died, you know all too well that finding an open outlet can be a challenge. Between vendors using outlets to power their displays, event staff shooing you away from outlets, and other attendees fighting to charge their devices, a spare outlet can be a rare commodity.

Worry about an unplugged charger

Have you ever done your laundry in a laundromat, only to come back and find your wet clothes on top of the washing machine with someone else’s dirty laundry in the wash? The same thing happens with phone chargers. If you think that event attendees may unplug your phone charger to use the outlet, consider using a charging station.

Want to impress your attendees at your next event? Consider choosing a Veloxity cell phone charging station instead of regular phone chargers