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When Does iPhone 6 Come Out? iPhone 6 Release Date

The question we have all been waiting to get answered:

When does the iPhone 6 come out?

Rumors suggest that in just a few weeks Apple will unveil their flagship smartphone. To satisfy curiosity we have compiled the most credible rumors for the upcoming Apple iPhone 6.

Release Date

It has been a long time since Apple last released a smartphone into the market so the wait for iPhone 6 been long awaited. Several sources report that Apple will hold a press event on Sept. 9th to introduce some of what Eddy Cue has been bragging about a few months ago at the Code conference. If they don’t show off the phone here – you can expect the iPhone 6 to be launched by sometime near Sept. 19th.

Display Size

Apple has been known to do things outside the box. When the iPhone 5s and 5c came out, most consumers expected the screen size would have been larger. Experts now say Apple must increase their screen size in order to compete with the likes of Samsung, HTC, LG and Motorola who have adopted larger screen displays. Rumors have it that the iPhone will come in two different models, one having a 4.7” display screen and the other 5.5”. Some sources say sapphire crystal screen integration is likely after Apple has reportedly bought $578M worth of sapphire and built a sapphire glass plant in Arizona at the end of last year.


Over the last decade Apple has shown their capabilities of pushing the boundaries with how thin and light they can make their luxury electronics. Many reports have indicated the iPhone 6 will be thinner than the current iPhone 5 (7.6mm) and potentially just as the thin as the iTouch (6.1mm). At the current moment, they are shifting from a 0.6mm LED backlight to a 0.4mm. This gives a lot more room for their engineers to work with especially when talking about the new camera focus patent recently granted by USPTO. This patent lets Apple use what is a called a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) which can essentially be less expensive, smaller in size and potentially lead to a new industry standard.

Hardware / Operating System

Historically, hardware and operating systems has been something Apple has taken very seriously. There has been a tip that the 5.5” iPhone 6 model (if there is one) will feature a 125GB of storage space while the 4.7” will feature a 32GB or 64GB. This means the 16GB option will all be done with. In terms of audio, everyone will now expect an upgrade due to the recent Beats acquisition even if it’s just headphones in the box. As for the processor, the new A8 chip, unsurprisingly, will be the backbone of the new iPhone 6. Last but not least is the software – which Apple already announced at WWDC 2014. The iOS 8 is scheduled for release sometime in autumn which aligns with the time iPhone 6 is given the nod the launch. The new OS will likely carry some improvements to Siri, the notification menu and closer in sync with OS X Yosemite.

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