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13 Jan


Veloxity’s top picks at CES 2016: Virtual Reality, Portable Power Stations, Wireless Charging, USB Batteries and More!

January 13, 2016 | By |

CES 2016, the world’s largest technology expo based in Las Vegas, brought in hundreds of companies, 170,000 attendees, and the latest consumer tech. Veloxity was fortunate enough to be contracted to power up CES attendees with our locker phone charging stations and the co-founders got a chance to see and test the newest technology. With all of the new technology boosting awesome appliances here are our top 10 picks at CES 2016:

Genworth Aging Suit & VR

Genworth Age Suit CES 2016

The Genworth Aging Experience R70i Age Suit allows anyone to strap on a super-human-like suit to know and feel what it is like to age. The suit is used to feel and experience common age-related problems such as hearing, vision and mobility. Part of the suit includes a virtual reality system, headphones and exoskeleton. The VR systems lets you experience glaucoma, cataracts, muscular degeneration, and floaters. Meanwhile the headphones impair your hearing to simulate hearing loss, tinnitus and aphasia.

USB Battery Chargers

USB Charged Battery

The EcoUSBCell took the stage by surprise with its USB and rapid charging features. Now we can all recharge AA or AAA battery on the go with the convenience of a USB port. The charge time on either model is 2 hours however the Output is 1A and 0.5A respectively. They ensure no dangerous acid leakage or corrosion takes place, which is great. The main key takeaway is its rapid charging feature. It charges three times faster than traditional (NiMH) rechargeable batteries!

NRG Portable Power Station

NRG Go Portable Power Stations

NRG’s Go Portable Power Stations offer guests with dead phone batteries an option to rent a Go Pack using their credit cards to charge on the go without being stuck near to a power outlet. Inside the rented Go Pack, you will get an iPhone 5/6, iPhone 4 and Micros USB charging cables embedded inside the 4200 mAh sized Go Pack. This wall mount unit features a 19-inch touch screen while providing up to 30 rentable lithium-ion power packs stacked along the sides.

Hauwei Mate 8 Smartphone

Huawei Mate 8 Smartphone

Ever since the third largest mobile phone manufacturer, Huawei, came out with the latest Nexus 6P, everyone is starting to expect more from them. Huawei’s answer to that is the Huawei Mate 8. This powerhouse flagship device has all the latest bells and whistles anyone can wish for. With a monster battery offering 4000 mAh and sleek 6-inch (1080p) display, you can certainly expect battery life to be one of the best in the market. This phone is carrying the eight-core Hi-Silicon Kirin 950 high-end chipset which features a 40% increase in performance and 60% decrease in power needs by utilizing four high-power Cortex-A72 cores.

Qualcomm Halo Technology

Qualcomm Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging

Qualcomm has always taken an interest in anything battery. As of late, they took that to the next level with Qualcomm Halo, one powerful parking spot. This gives the ability to have your electric card to power up, cable-free, by finding any parking spot fitted with Qualcomm Halo technology. This technology is called wireless electric vehicle charging (WEVC). It uses highly efficient, high-power, resonant magnetic inductive wireless energy transfer.

Qualcomm Wireless Charging

WiPower Wireless Phone Charging

Qualcomm WiPower is a recent breakthrough allowing charging a device that has a metal rear cover. This subsidiary becomes the first company to enable wireless charging for mobile devices with metal cases. The Rezence standard of WiPower ensures that it will be able to operate at a frequency that is also accepting of other metal objects that are in the field of charge and can sometimes cause interference. Until now, objects such as coins and keys that were in the field of charge invariably affected the charging process.

LG Wrinkle-free Appliance

LG Styler Appliance

Earlier in 2015, LG came out with a Styler appliance that uses steam and deodorizing features to refresh any type of clothing. The appliance features a hang bar, which fits up to four pieces of clothing which then shakes to ensure it is wrinkle-free. Another cool feature is the pressing panel to give trousers a 30-minute ironing session.

Smart Ring for Wellness

Wellness Smart Ring

The Kickstarter project took people by surprise when it received just over $650,000 after only pledging for a sixth of that. It is essentially a “Wellness Smart Ring”, a revolutionary ring-sized computer that helps you sleep and perform better. Its features heart rate analysis, motion and temperature from you finger. All this data helps optimize your sleep, activity and readiness to ensure better mental and physical performance.

Roller Coaster Virtual Reality

Samsung Gear VR booth CES

With virtual reality being a big trend from 2015, we were excited to see the Samsung Gear VR booth at CES. The demo took us on a very realistic roller coaster ride. With the addition of 4-D motion seats, it was an experience not to forget. The headset powered by oculus offers a super AMOLED display with a wide 96 degrees field of view and sensors to bring reality to the virtual. Even though this headset is only compatible with Galaxy devices, at $99.99 it is a price you cannot look away from for how much it can offer to the virtual reality enthusiasts.

KG Drone Copter by Ehang

Ehang Prototype Drone

The DJI Phantom and the Parrot drones were one of the most anticipated at CES 2016 but an underdog called Ehang184 caught a lot of eyes. This 200 KG Drone Copter can hover for about 23 minutes with only charge time being 2-4 hours. Its materials consists of composite material with carbon fiber and epoxy while other structures consisting of aerial aluminum alloy. It only has a 1 seat with a 12” inch tablet display for navigation. There are no visible controls so it looks like you pre-set your destination and let it do its job with speeds up to 60 mph!