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Technology in the Gaming Industry: The Casino of the Future

December 20, 2014 | By | 2 Comments">2 Comments

The stakes in the casino business are extremely high. Building and operating even a small casino can cost well in to the tens of millions of dollars, and large ones over a hundred million. While there are millions to be made in the business, recent bankruptcies such as Trump’s Taj Mahal show there is also millions to be lost. With that, the gaming industry is looking for any way at all to make its business more efficient, more secure, more adaptable, and ultimately more profitable in the future. Here are some of the latest technology trends for casinos:

Cashless Transactions

One of the most fundamental changes in the casino industry will be less focus on “cash in hand.” Ticket voucher systems such as IGT’s EZ Pay are already being used for slot machines and video poker, where the guests’ winnings can be distributed onto the ticket, then inserted into another machine, rather than paid out in coins. Theoretically, there’s no reason this simple card couldn’t be linked to a debit account, serve as a room key, or even be used to make purchases at the resort. Without cash in hand, it’s must easier for consumers to lose track of their spending. Furthermore, with voucher systems, casinos can collect data and analyze the purchasing behavior of its guests.

High-tech Gaming Systems

Another huge step for the casino industry has been capital investment into state of the art electronic slot machines and gaming systems. A widespread proposal for the industry is having a universally configurable machine that downloads gaming software. These systems would remove the need to take out and shuffle the machines or replace them with new ones, thus saving money in the long run. One day the machine can be configured for blackjack, the next day it could be poker.

Facial Recognition and Smart Security

One of the more profound changes in casino operation will take place behind the scenes, as digital facial recognition technology gets more and more advanced. Cameras in many casinos are already programmed to catch the faces of well-known cheaters, but as the technology gets better it will recognize everyone from criminals to regular gamblers. While these systems increase security, they could also provide yet another pool of marketing and behavioral data for the casino to analyze.

Phone Charging Stations with Lockers

Lastly, a new technology has recently been making its way into many well-known casinos aimed at keeping guests there longer. Almost everyone in todays society has a smartphone filled with apps and a big data plan to operate it all, but what happens when the battery dies? Many guests have reported anxiety related to low or dead battery which can lead to cutting plans short. To counteract this many casinos have been installing strategically placed cell phone charging kiosks aimed at helping guests relieve the stress caused by a dead battery. Charging stations, such as Veloxity’s, come with individual lockers so guests can continue gambling while their phone is charging.