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Cell Phone Charging Stations at Schools and Universities

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Cell Phone Charging Stations at Schools and Universities keep students connected.

Back to school time is here, and every student will have at least one cell phone or laptop. It’s how they do work, follow news & sports, communicate, and literally stay connected on and off campus. When a battery that powers a device dies, students get really bummed out. It’s called dead battery anxiety. YouTube even has tons of videos about the scary topic.

No battery in the world can stay charged all day. It’s a fact that no technological genius has solved yet.  But wait. Many smart colleges and universities have added cell phone charging stations on campus so students can juice up their (many) mobile devices throughout the day.  Many campuses have secure cell phone charging stations in libraries, student unions, outside popular spots or in dorms.  The stations just require electricity and their durability makes them versatile for nearly any location.

Fully charged mobile devices represent more than just a convenience — they also allow students to stay plugged in to their school/campus, and vice versa. Students can record long lectures, stay connected with parents, friends and classmates. Also, institutions have a way to reach students quickly in the event of an emergency – because of a charged device. In recent years Universities and colleges have amped up their online sector of traditional classes. Most professors post assignments online and you turn in assignments online to be more environmental. This is just another reason it is important to have charged devices so you don’t miss a due date!

Some schools charge students for the service, but most universities provide the service for free. It’s pretty clear that the demand for battery power will only grow as students — and everyone else — use more smartphones and other devices. In a recent study, 67 percent of college students say one of their biggest fears is having their technology stop working – 25 percent would choose a computer over a family member. Whether charging stations are the final stop, or whether they will soon be replaced by a better solution, remains to be seen.

Charging stations are available for rent or purchase. The stations can be custom wrapped to promote your school. They even have a display screen where the school could have a custom ad or display news. This spot could also be rented to corporations or clubs.

Giving students the technological comfort they need to stay on campus is bound to help students make the grade. Interested in buying or renting a cell phone charging station for your university or college? Contact today.